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Healing Page and App (Updates)

Hello dearly loved everybody ❤

Two things are at the mention in this post.

The healing page was slightly an advanced reading, I edited the page, making it easier to read, and more efficient, it also looks prettier. 🙂

If you have not read our healing page, it is a very important part of WLTOP as it relives the legitimate healing practice associated with our LORDs ancient name.

A big grab here, if you got back pain, go check out the page, one of the first things our LORD heals using this method is the spine, because it is one of the biggest parts of our body at center.

Next is that the update to our new free mobile app went live, I checked the change, and the fix is working properly.

Temporarily, the chat with us button will open your email service, and automatically input our email address, so you can contact us.

Eventually I want to change that to open our Reddit channel forum, but first I have to do a survey on the channel given to us by Reddit, and normally they are handed out at random times.

I emailed Reddit telling them about this and asked if they can help us, so if we are lucky we will have a fix soon enough that we can enjoy the exciting WLTOP Reddit channel within our app.

After opening our new app and using it a few times, I must admit, the royalty free background music I added to our new app is truly perfect for the app.

I hope you also like it.

Have a great night family, The Oldest wanted us in this family, and here we are, enjoying the heck out of it ❤

Click Here To Get Our New Free App On Google Play

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