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Wow Amazon We Are Approved

Woah hey now, I was just beginning to feel a little hopeless about personal life situations.

I basically was thinking how cruddy I feel about a few losses in the past and current difficulties.

Then moments later, right after I made that last post about our app update going live in 6 hours, Amazon made our app work on some of their devices…. AND APPROVED US 🙂

This is beautiful and incredible, not only do I feel a lot less emotionally hopeless, I feel super hope again.

Click Here To Get Our Free WLTOP App On Amazon

Well dearly loved by our Oldest Parents, my siblings, we just became more successful, and earned a partner (Amazon).

Okay so we are on Amazon, Google Play, Aptoide, and APK Pure.

Thank you very much to all 4 companies, and also to Mob Easy for letting us use your design tool to make the app.

Guys my pay day is near, on the 3rd expect me to post something, about my effort to budget in buying Premium service with Mob Easy to remove the occasional advertisements in our app.

Just a friendly reminder, our apps update will happen in close to 6 hours and it should fix the chat with us button leading to reddit saying we need to be reviewed.

Well as always, I love you lots, even though I plan to improve myself, mostly due to ancestors help, so the goal is to be a better brother through the future.

Cheers Amazon, Cheers Google Play, Cheers Aptoide, Cheers APK Pure, Cheers Mob Easy, and Cheers WLTOP App.

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