Prayer, Short Story, We Are All One Family, We Love The Oldest Parents

A Prayer To Our Oldest, Obedience To Them

Hi family ❤

Now as I try and fit in with the LORDs other friends, such as Christians, Jews, etc.

I often hear some things, and I want to make a prayer here, because I do not agree with them upon this topic.

Here is the prayer, it is good to learn from it.

Dear LORD, Oldest Parents, Known and Unknown

I read quite often, especially Christians, claiming they are not under the curse of the law, they claim the laws are abolished by Jesus, and sometimes the LORD.

The truth is Oldest, I know you made the laws because you have feelings, and also to protect the descendants you care for.

Now as myself, I prefer to do what I can to be obedient to you.

To me obeying you is never a curse, but instead you helping me.

Please continue to guide me.

Please continue to teach me.

Please continue to be my best friends.

Also Oldest, the real curse, which is disobeying you…

Please do not allow me to drift into such unpleasant territory.

Temptation to join in disobedience is common now.

For myself and others, please gather us to obedience of you.

Now family, that prayer is important.

In times such as these, with so many, hurting the feelings of our Oldest, who make laws, to protect feelings of themself and their descendants, we should notice, it is truly happening.

They forbid murder, fornication, and theft.

For each and every pain, or complaint we make, our Oldest is forced to listen to it.

An example is, when someone steals from someone, the entire complaint that person makes, is seen and heard by our Oldest.

Because sin is so common, know our Oldest lives each day and night, hearing and seeing the tragic disobedience cause undesirable emotions to witness.

These things happen, with no consideration for the feelings of family.

I do hope our club members will consider to try to be obedient to our Oldest Parents and remember their feelings.

Because each time one of us tells them we want to be obedient to them, and that we care about their feelings, it gives our Oldest, both hope, and happiness, which they need.

This prayer is not about hiding your pain or complaint, it is about not causing others pain or complaint, which by obeying our Oldest, is easiest achieved.

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