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App Updates Galore (Automatic)

Hello dearly loved ones ❤

I just released a new update to our WLTOP App (Thats me, you, and everyone else), and it contains a lot of new content.

Included with this update, is the new “The Oldest Savior” button which you can use to download the famous to our Oldest, save us Oldest Certificates.

The new “Bible Revision” button which explains what has happened with the Bible becoming edited and the dangers of believing in the book of revelations instead of the book of genesis.

The new “Chakras” button which talks about the basics of Chakras and gives pages with each Chakra described and artistically detailed.

The new “OOP:TOFS” button so you can follow the in-development hobby free rpg I am making for you.

The “Healthy Recipes” button with hundreds of vegan and vegetarian cooking recipes, including, meals, desserts, sides, and even condiments.

Our “Credits” button as a thank you page to our team members.

Lastly a memorial page to those of us who have lost children.

With these updates we have added a lot more content, and will continue to update and improve our app for family quality fun, love, support, worship, and even to say again, Family.

Have a great night everybody, the Oldest Wanted this family, and now that Hes got us, I vote we are doing good at it.

Click Here To Download The Free WLTOP App From Google Play

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