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Our App Now With No Advertisements

Early social security month due to days and timing, this means I went ahead and ordered Mob Easy PRO ❤

As I talked about in previous posts this now means that the app we designed with Mob Easy will not show users their advertisements now, providing a more comfortable and easier to love our Oldest Parents setting.

I am very excited about this, and thank Mob Easy, and our Oldest Parents for making this possible.

Click Here To Get The New Free WLTOP App On Google Play Now With No Ads

Okay so the App has been available about a week and now this big change has happened, I hope dearly this will draw fans to download and use our app.

Loved reader, my sibling, all it takes is short minutes for you to click the above link, and give our app a try, it is a small download, and we really need the help in showing our Oldest Parents how much we love them.

By whatever name you call our Oldest, we are here to support you and them, help us become popular so we can help the needy, that help is only a short download and review away from people becoming fans of WLTOP.

Here are some goals for our apps future updates.

More art of our LORD, more certificates, more Ancestry Trading Cards, Updates to the stories of Heaven and Earth, Ancestral Law, and Original Marriage, including new stories, a menu that has more buttons and content pleasantly organized, more poetry, and other fun free things.

Just because its free don’t neglect how perfect this is for you, its about our Oldest Parents and you loving each other as family.

I wish you all the best and please say a prayer for our app to be a success.

Thanks family, love you brothers and sisters a ton (of fun).

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