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Big App Update (Done)

Well hey there viewer, here is a free heart emoji ❤

As I mentioned I wanted to do app updates tonight, I got a ton done and uploaded it so you should now see the changes, I will tonight be uploading even more and you will be able to see the changes as you close and reopen your app.

Let me list the new content.

A share button on our menu home page at the top right, tell your friends how cool the app is.

A page dedicated to the 10 commandments in dual translations (Will add more art to it soon).

The recording of our LORD visiting bohemian grove and acting with his friends the priests was made into a button (Please subscribe to the Oldest Parents channel).

The Oldest Savior page was changed from 1 gallery style to another.

I added a button to teach you how the kaleidoscope art I make is made, giving you enough examples to experiment with Oajoo Image Editor and see what you can achieve by practice.

I added a button to our WLTOP Dictionary and updated it on our site for simpler and more efficient helpful reading.

I added a please review us on Google Play button to the app.

I added background art to the Heaven and Earth page and the Healing By Worshipping EL Page including making the font white and bold.

I also updated our Credits page with a few new contributors thanks such as

I want to update more as we go through tonight and I will be doing it in between rests.

I am still super excited for our app, and it got a new download today on Google Play 🙂

Have a fun filled time with it brothers and sisters, and Oldest if you got the time, it would be great for you to give it looks.

Click Here To Download The Free WLTOP App On Google Play

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