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2nd Round Of App Updates (Thanks Oldest)

Well what we have here is a success to communicate ❤

So I have spent most of my day and part of tonight doing the glorious laying in bed while using my mobile phone to update our app.

In our last post you can hear about the updates previous, and here I will tell you the new ones I just finished.

I added a cool new about WLTOP button and with it comes new background art, which I even changed our credits page to the same background. The art is nature with a butterfly similar to the WLTOP angel logo, and it is high quality.

Bear with me on repetition guys, WLTOP and its app is in new version based upon old ideas and a first attempt. Its possible you have seen such a thing before.

I added a new apps we love page with currently 10 very great, and very free apps that you can access info about through our WLTOP app.

I changed the ancestry certificates button icon to a more stylish one.

Also the 10 commandments buttons page now has 6 versions of the 10 commandments instead of 1.

The credits page also has a few new thanks inside of it.

And tonight I want to do, yes, you guessed it, more app updates ❤

I don’t yet know an exact plan, but the main goal is to improve.

Have a good night family, enjoy the free app of ancestry and religion mixing together as a piece of awesome.

Click Here To Download The Free WLTOP App On Google Play

I forgot to mention the oldest savior button page has a few more arts in it, I will eventually make more as I get good and efficient ideas.

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