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Becoming More Popular (Stats)

WordPress sent us our Last Month Statistics Report, and as a free, and religious, and all welcome club, I am going to share it with you.

Here it is look at this picture they sent me.

252 visits is nearly 10 people visiting our site a day.

Considering I don’t exactly have budget for advertising, this is a good start.

I have been doing WLTOP 3 years and honestly, I want to eternally do it.

In all ways, in all of forever, this club and as a sub topic me being a monk of it, is what I feel I am to do.

So with 10 people a day on average visiting us, I do very much hope to grow it further, and if I am allowed to continue this effort, I know it will, and in such large numbers, I will need to drink a little courage to not be so shy, and by drink courage, I basically mean Starbucks (Caramel Frappuchino, extra caramel all the way).

I do feel a lot of excitement each time we get a comment 🙂

We have had enough I feel the trust we will get more comfortable in them becoming regular.

Want some other good news?

I updated the app a third round.

We now have a WLTOP Puzzles button in the WLTOP App, and it will open up a custom cross word I built with the help of Mob Easy.

Currently I think theres near 20 different levels of custom crosswords, after this post and a tobacco break I am going to go add more.

They are a lot of fun and just because were best friends I dropped a hint on the first level which probably had the hardest to find word for those who aren’t regular practicors of the name EL.

I want to tell you again, you are deeply in my prayers and future family, yes you.

For a omnipotent parent to have a child such as you, the immortality becomes the child.

What that means is, an omnipotent highest age ancestor, does not make a life that can die.

He wouldn’t want to lose his favorite entertainment. 🙂

Well cheers to our new app, if you get it, give the puzzle area a peek, it is way fun and educational.

Click Here To Download The New Free WLTOP App On Google Play

Thank you to all our members for making those stats high

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