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Want WLTOP Cooking Recipes?

Hello dearly hungry fans of the people who contribute us with Nummys ❤

I joke a bit to entertain but the fact is we all love food from our Oldest, at least when it is what we want.

Now a goal of the WLTOP Morales, is to eat food that harms no one, and at the same time is superior to that other option.

Here at WLTOP we have accumulated more than 400 vegan recipes that are among a list of meals, sides, desserts, and even condiments.

Your favorite BBQ Hawaiian pizza?

Your favorite honey mustard?

Your favorite chocolate peanut butter snack?

Or possibly even tacos of legend.

On our Pinterest account is where we store these recipes for our WLTOP members, and that is you.

Now we reach points where we think, I want to eat food that does not hurt anyone, but how could plants be an improvement?

What I suggest here, is look at the pictures in our recipes, these things are foods our Oldest Parents invented geniusly, and remember our Oldest have never eaten us, which means, these recipes are superior.

I will give you an example and then give you the link to the recipes.

As a bit of fun for WLTOP who believes in the good of every religion, this recipe example is even named along with the biblical angel but spelled Seitan.

We at WLTOP welcome all our Oldests family to be a part of the prosperity he promised us, with no hate.

Click Here For This Specific Recipe

Now for a preview at our recipe list.

Click to enlarge.

Click Here To View All 400+ Of Our Vegan Cooking Recipes

I will tell you; I am a huge fan of the condiments section because something about homemade sauces really is enjoyable.

I hope you enjoyed this post.

To Seitan (also known as Satan) and our family who defends him, you, your fans, and everyone else is welcome to be in our team of loving the Oldest Parents together.

Also, admittedly, his recipe is impressive.

❤ Have A Good Night Family, Expect More App Updates, As Early As Tonight ❤

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