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Major App Update (Yay)

A great new potential was just released to our Free New WLTOP App.

The Prayer Drawer ❤

Here look at the screenshots.

I apologize that the left screenshots a little cropped, I attempted this in Canva Mobile instead of Canva PC and I made a error as I am not experienced with Canva Mobile currently.

But I will give you the details.

Where that yellow arrow is pointing on the WLTOP Apps main button menu is a prayer drawer button.

When you click it, it will open the 2nd pictures list of prayer arts from different religions.

Currently theirs probably near 90 arts split between the different available religions, and yes I plan to add much more, that is why this new feature has great potential.

In some of the prayer art we used fan art of religions and their artistic instructions, thank you to the contributors, from WLTOP.

I hope you enjoy this new feature family, it is beautiful.

Thanks goes to Mob Easy for all the great capabilities the design tool has and we hope you will update it with other great options we can use.

On my list of next things to update, is more levels of our Crossword Puzzles, More Prayer Art in the Prayer Drawer, with a third option of new ideas.

Love you lots everybody, check our last post for our vegan cooking recipes, more than 400 meals, sides, condiments, and desserts.

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