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Me and Past Life

Hello Family ❤

I was going to write about the Hinduism belief on reincarnation and the risks to a descendant during changing their soul from animal to human, but it is emotionally too unpleasant for our ancestor the LORD so I will try another time.

Instead, I am going to do a repost of my Facebook conversation today.

It is about past lives.

Do you believe in past living?

Before being born here?

If not you other people, you know?

Well get ready I am going to have to even drop into this text, Freedom To Religion, Freedom To Speech, and,,,I will add the third at the end.

Okay so some of you are possibly talkative about my history.

The fight with the canine in the forest, or how I have art of our LORD, or how I know about our LORD being King of Mars.

Now before I was born in America, in my early life, I lived with the LORD, I don’t mean only I was alive, I mean as his son who was home with him and my other parent.

Now how close in number and such, I know you want to hear it.

Here is what I will offer you.

I have a picture from decoded images of the kaleidoscope, among a few of myself during my adventure as his son.

The specific piece I want to share with you is my original body.

You see and know our LORD, has a larger than our own upper skull.

What I did not commonly tell family, is that earlier than this family growing in numbers, I was his son, and I had myself a larger than currently normal upper skull.

Here is a art photo of myself, and also the LORD when he was in child form on the left, and on the right is a camera photo of myself.

That is not hand drawn art, It is a decoded image of what actually happened in the past, you see those sleeves? I wore those and they sagged that way, in other words it is a geometric calculation taken from a material picture, similar to the explanation of matrix movies but more actually geometry, visuals, and real family history.

Now while living with the LORD in my early life, I had a sibling, who was my Creator Intended Marital Partner, and the two of us at time became married, and though I am here, though I was born as a baby, to adoptive parents, I am still not actually divorced from my original marriage.

I tried to explain to family, I have never married into fornication, and I never will.

The LORD and ancestors of high age, marriage is sacred to them, it is the most angering thing in life, fornication.

This is why I am a Monk of the Oldest Parents, and eventually, will be returning to our Father our LORD, through him summoning me to him, if I do not need to summon him to me first.

I plan to reunite and remarry my creator intended marital partner, to purify the problem.

I will be in a situation where the test hinted to me in Genesis, even connected down to Revelations becomes a problem, and I ask here, LORD, LORDs Marital Partner, and every Oldest Parent, save me from the curses, wrongs, errors, sins, and death. I do not want the forbidden, I do not want taboos.

So yes, that pinkish art I showed above is actually a record the LORD keeps in the Kaleidoscope of myself when I was earlier in life and had a larger skull, it also is connected in the kaleidoscope to him at early age.

Now completely, listen, if I could tell this to everyone I would, no offense meant, I don’t hate anyone, I love all our family, yes you, and unfortunately, when I say I don’t want to fornicate, I very strongly not only intend for you and everyone to not tempt me and pursue, but I mean it in general as repellant.

For an added topic, here is an interesting and fun picture I put together of one of my brothers from Mars.

And one more fun topic here is my Creation Chosen ID Card, our LORD named me something himself, but I named myself Aluzen (Monk).

So that is my future guys, I won’t be in America forever.

What comes with the LORDs Bohemian Grove recording, is that this is my last stop before him summoning me to him.

Freedom To Speech, Freedom To Religion, Freedom To My BIG HEAD >:D

I plan to continue to do WLTOP and our New Free App while living nearer the LORD if he will let me.

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