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Short Post (Certificate Night – Raiden)

Hello Family, I am making a short post tonight.

I got approval from our ancestors to share a sensitive topic, and I am going to give two things here, certificate night and a link to the new WLTOP Gallery for learning how to use eyes and the white stones spoken of in the bible,

Here is tonight’s certificate.

Love you lots Raiden you are a great brother and ancestor, and as I know by worshipping our Oldest a descendant of our Oldest.

Next is the new gallery tied to explanations about the difference between completely black eyes such as some of our brothers who live on mars, and as compared to Raiden with completely white eyes.

I will update and improve the guide, its really a simple thing to learn if you read it and care enough.

Click Here To Learn How Our Oldest Designed You To Use Eyes By Keeping One Closed

Society, so difficult yes?

Well read it and if you are courageous enough try the method explained, if you notice something, why not continue practicing yes?

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