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The LORD Saved Adam (7 Years After)

Hi family ❤

Little do you know about the story of Gensis and the garden of eden but the LORD forgave Adam of his sin 7 years after the genesis sin.

Let me explain a fact about law breaking in our family.

The LORDs Release

Deuteronomy 15 explains the LORDs release, which states Adam lost guilt 7 years after Genesis.

Now wanna hear something?

7 years later from that day, the LORD had meeting with his son Adam, through his ways, and things changed, Adam was no longer guilty.

This altered history and led to the new testament.

So dear family, on this Easter, and happy Easter to you, has our LORD forgiven your sins?

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Happy Easter God.

My Religion in 18 words.

“The Omnipotent Oldest Parent, married someone, then created everyone else at a distance, all as brothers, none omnipotent.”

Further details for your entertainment.

In the unknown family reigns the Oldest findable family member. Who would seem omnipotent.

The problem is for me.

Telling him he is omnipotent scams him.

Accepting being told he is omnipotent scams myself.

I know I began life amidst a nothing, created at a distance, then sifted out of it by my older brother, who is the findable unknown Oldest Parent, not to be confused with the Omnipotent Oldest Parent.

Why do I call the LORD my Father?

Why do I call the unknown findable Oldest Parent my Father?

Because I do believe they were created earlier than me, by the Omnipotent Oldest Parent, who we will never find, because he is married.

The reason I have to say these things, is I care about the sanity of ancestors.

The truth is absolute.

What people struggle against when it be truth, leads to chaos, which eventually ends with realization of the wrong, repairing, and the damages having already happened.

For anyone I ever meet to consider themself omnipotent, I as a son, brother, and family member, care enough about them, to suggest that it is not possible to believe the illusion, and eternally benefit from it.

Someone who tries to be what they are not, cannot build their character properly, just like an RPG.

(Worship – Prayer)

To the Oldest Findable Parent,

I know you were created earlier than me.

I imagine our Oldest Parent who is omnipotent, created you first and at a distance in a way, where he boasted about you to his marital partner, and the two of them, as pleased that you were their son, led to the decision that I also become their son, you being impressive and a success, is the reason I became a part of this family.

That is why I call you Father.


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