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App Update And Goals

Hi Family ❤

I updated our app this morning with a new button and gallery.

We now have the “SEE For Yourself” gallery which gives charts, tools, photos, and descriptions of how to use your eyes as magical tools.

Our LORD is magical as you know he can fly, and that means you as his kids are magical too.

Inheriting some of the stuff he wants to give you is learning how to use it.

In this new gallery with its button we teach you how to use your eyes and eyelids as tools with ying yang charts.

Some other updates I have planned is adding more to the prayer drawer.

More crossword puzzles.

Also in our poems gallery on deviant art my case manager has talked me into making some new poetry posters soon.

Want a preview of the new “See For Yourself gallery”?

Okay but you should still use the gallery for full description and updates to when I add more tools, charts and photos, its for your benefit.

If you feel embarrassed to practice such a thing, know our LORD did not get powerful by being defeated by embarrassment, if it helps you feel more comfortable study and practice this method while in privacy.

I will be adding more content to this new See For Yourself Gallery as I find time and good ideas.

I have a eternal list of things to do to improve our We Love The Oldest Parents club, all for you.

Have a good day family, I am planning to do more WLTOP content tonight.

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