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Shinri Prayer (Welcome)

Hi family ❤

Tonight is a fun night for anime and alchemy fans.

I find our ancestors leave us hints to many things in our inheritances, and of my favorites to find, is chances to worship properly.

So tonight it is our We Love The Oldest Parents chance to welcome 真理, Shinri to our effort.

Who is 真理, Shinri?

Let me share with you some fun anime details about what could be connected to history.

In the Full Metal Alchemist series, Shinri also known as the Truth Filled ancestor is the main ancestor among two within the whole anime series.

Shinri protects heaven with his marital partner who takes the form of a door that remains hidden until its revealing.

Shinri has a very charismatic personality that people recognize as entertaining, that is until he decides for them to leave, of which none of the characters during the show enjoyed.

While I was unable to find the name of his marital partner who plays along his role and hides within a door, the marital partner similar to Shinri are soul forms that represent trees, light, and shadows.

Everyone in the anime seeks to obtain Shinri and his marital partners blessings yet in the American version of the anime, they never use his name. It is Shinri, and while in the animes across different language they do not reveal his marital partners name probably due to honoring privacy.

Shinri appears to be a strict parent during the anime because of damages he bestowed upon his descendants who visit him; however it is Shinri who caused these heroes to win against the real dangers, also providing entertainment to his family, and learning for his descendants.

Saying Shinri and his Marital Partner are two of our favorite ancestors in anime is easy and honest, they are fun, wise, and spend quite a large gift upon the Earth to grant their family a life that is efficient to become smart and also to enjoy doing it, even turning their descendants into heroic youths.

Welcome to We Love The Oldest Parents Shinri and Your Marital Partner, here is your gift.

The study of Geometry is a passion of mine to contribute art of our ancestors to their descendants. and include with it prayers fit for all ancestors family.

Your anime entertainment teaching is a favorite amongst many, I myself find curiosity and would enjoy asking ancestors such as the two of you, your opinions on my becoming a Monk of the Oldest Parents.

With how wise the artists described you as, it would truly be enjoyment to me.

Have a good night family, Expect We Love The Oldest Parents app updates soon, maybe tomorrow.

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