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Alchemy And The High (App Updates)

Hiiilooooo family ā¤

Okay so within since yesterday I have updated our app with new sections I am starting.

I am devoting a whole page to Alchemy Worship (and study) which includes the Alchemy Gods Shinri and Kinju.

The other section is “Stories of Gods” which is filled with different stories having varying amounts of legitimacy yet all fun.

Now I was going to add Goddesses to it but the picture amounts are adding up and that means I have decided I will later be adding a “Stories of Goddesses” page and sort them seperately making it easy to find what you want.

I dont expect to get much of that done at the moment unless I get a boost of energy because I took my sleep meds before posting this to tell you about this update.

I will be adding more content to the new pages and will be making the goddesses page probably today or tomorrow.

If you are curious what a Shinri and Kinju are, in ancient alchemical practice and even as it made it into an anime.

Shinri and Kinju are the two names for a married couple who are the oldest ancestors in the religion of alchemy.

Alchemy is the study of friction, an example is how black and white can create grey, opaque, blue, red, then green, and all the other colors, these things achieved by friction.

The anime did a good job at explaining some of it, so included into the folder currently is teaching materials from it and our WLTOP friction ying yang chart I made.

I will add more alchemy materials later, but the two ancestors names for worship is good, and the ying yangs are good.

The God Stories page has near 20 pictures, most words to describe a name.

My favorite is a photo of the God from the movie “Men In Black”, oh yes I did it, I totally added him for us fans šŸ™‚

Okay family, I will probably do some more updating tonight, until then have a good day/night.

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Like A Supreme Vegan Pizza,
A Piza Of Everything Good For Eatch Of Uz ā¤

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