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App Updated Goddesses and 90%

Hi 90% greetings to you here with our meetings ❤

As you heard in our last post I added the Alchemy Worship Page and God Stories page to our app.

Today I added the Goddess Stories page and the 90% Math Page.

Why add 90% math to a family religion app?

Because it encompasses many religious things, even the ancient teachings from our Creator to his descendants as the one and only true way.

You may find opposition to it here and there, however our Creator holds to 90% as the highest limit to math that will not be broken.

100% as a limit is not a possible math as 1/3 of 100% is not a number, it cannot be counted.

What comes with the Goddess Stories page is near 20 current Names and descriptions of Goddesses, I know due to storage space they are just intros, but it gives you a collection you can start with and further study to enjoy.

I added the beloved Raiden and Fujin to the God Stories page, and want to add stories of Old Gods and Elder Gods.

I will be updating more of the app soon, probably today/tonight.

Have a good day/night and enjoy our free app.

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