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New Fun “Angels Of The Oldest”

I started a new movement 🙂

It is called “Angels Of The Oldest” and it is a facebook page.

The goal is simple, by liking it or following it, you are telling our Oldest you choose to be an angel instead of a demon.

You can find it on our sidebar of WLTOP, example below.

I started it about 48 hours ago, and it has 7 members, a lucky number.

Lets increase the amount of us that our Oldest can count on to want to be good and not evil.

Give a like or follow with your courage to say that you will do what you can to try to be a part of the team of the Oldest that they can have as family that are easy to love because of their good qualities.

I joined it myself 🙂

Its early enough today that I have gotten some things done, and tonight I am hoping, if all goes well to add more updates to our app.

We need reviews guys, our Oldest want to hear how fun it is, and how much we love them.

Click Here To Get The Free WLTOP App On Google Play

Well my friends and people who love our Oldest Parents, I am going to take a break, but expect me back tonight with something to offer.

❤ Why doesnt our Oldest Parent like to be alone?
Because We Love The Oldest Parents was not the same when it was only him ❤

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