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Alchemy Charts (App Update)

Hi Fwaah mah lee >3

Thats a way to write the pronunciation 🙂

Well sillyness aside, but which side the left or right? haha….

I updated our Free WLTOP App, specifically the alchemy page for the most part.

I added a bunch of symbol charts and a short dictionary definition on alchemy for the beginner.

The Oldest Savior page also got one new picture, it is our header for our blog posts about prayers to the Oldest Parents.

I put it there in case you want to use it for prayer art or something similar.

I intend to add more art to our alchemy worship page, possibly tonight, I am taking a break while I consider if I should make some custom art instead of only screenshotting wikipedia and such.

I probably will make some custom art for it, but I want it to be high quality so I will wait until I have good efficient quality ideas, so that I don’t confuse anyone.

The major difference between alchemy and magic, is alchemy is based upon friction and is the start of the Nothing becoming Something, while magic is more or less a part of the things friction created with the Nothing.

That means magic is also based upon frictions, but with alchemy being its boss or rules.

Magic in this is a sub category and is weaker than the alchemy itself, first is alchemy, and it rules over the magic it caused to become.

Adding that conversation to some custom art seems good but I will organize the words.

So until I get those next updates done, enjoy the new content, and if you have time, review our app ❤

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