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Angels Of The Oldest (We Grow)

Hello people and welcome to We Love The Oldest Parents ❤

Our new Facebook page dedicated to being a sign up for family to certify to our Oldest that they are willing to be their angel and not a demon is becoming a success slowly but surely.

The page was started near 2 days ago and now has 12 members 🙂

Lets grow it together, if you haven’t liked or followed please do so.

That is a picture CLICK HERE for the Angels Of The Oldest Parents Page

I have not been doing very much with our site or app these last two or three days, instead myself and the LORD have a situation. we are involved with together.

I do plan to update our app some more soon though, currently we have tons of content and it is truly a great start for our app.

Click Here To Get The Free WLTOP App From Google Play

Well family I hope you have been enjoying your time, and if me and the LORD have it our way, our weather will be more enjoyable after a special fix,

Thats right guys, the LORD and myself have communication to fix the weather, by using the sun.

The giant black ball called our Sun that the LORD later covered in white can be spun to create wind.

This causes air to breathe, lower temperatures, and is the cure for asthma.

I have talked with our LORD about the weather, and it is our plan to fix the problems.

Believe or not, is your choice, but its hard to doubt cooler weather in summer, or even being able to breathe much easier.

Have a good night family, if you hear the wind saying Wooooow, thats a good thing.

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