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The Big Upcoming WLTOP App Update (Reddit Forum)

Yay everyone sooo many yays ❤

I finally recieved the Reddit survey for our Reddit channel after waiting some months.

What does this mean?

Originally within our app I included a button that will take you to the WLTOP Forum on Reddit.

This led to a problem that Reddit would redirect our users to the main reddit page due to us not yet taking a content rating survey.

The problem was those surveys are given out randomly at a length of time as a forum, not manually chooseable by my self.

They just gave it to me, I submitted it, and now we are waiting for them to confirm it.

I had replaced the reddit link in our app to take you to a form to email us, but once Reddit approves the survey and our content rating I will be readding Reddit and keeping also a way to email us.

This is freakin awesome news I am so excited, Reddit is a power leader in social media having our own personal and customized WLTOP Reddit forum within the WLTOP App will be a huge success and way for us as friends, family, and worshippers to grow our club.

I dont know exactly how long it will take for our loved best friends at reddit to approve the survey content rating but I do hope its soon as I am ready to add reddit back to the app and am very excited.

More content soon family ❤ you lots ❤ ❤ ❤

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