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Angels Of The Oldest Welcoming

Hi to the known and unknown family ❤

Recently after our We Love The Oldest Parents Facebook page become a near 500 member success I started a sub page topic called “Angels Of The Oldest”.

The main purpose of the page is to promote a way for descendants to tell the Oldest they are willing to be their angels and not demons, deemuns is a word meaning deemed unnecessary.

This will help the descendants both lean towards good, and also open the possibility for them to gain things such as improvement, blessings, and increased potential.

I have been active with it a couple of days and the new page is growing, we have now 18 followers and I expect it will grow much more than that soon enough.

So we here at We Love The Oldest Parents say welcome to you doers of good, who chose the wealthier path.

Friends, family, love, we are a team and happy to have each other.

For our App and friends with Reddit, we are still waiting for them to approve the survey I submitted for our content rating.

I noticed the pending review note disappeared so I added the Reddit forum to our app and its button, and added a new email us button.

However even though the note is gone the survey is still pending review, since I already added Reddit to our app, I will keep it there even though its currently not fully useable until the review is approved.

Think of that button and area like a teaser demo, and expect great fun things 🙂

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❤ The main job details of being an angel of the oldest parents,
is to protect life, and love family ❤

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