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My Multi Name Story (Short)

Hello family ❤

As I have mentioned before when I recently became a monk of the oldest parents, more or less now or before.

I chose the name Aluzen, slightly as a prediction.

Now after a bit of situation and the LORD giving me this instruction, even though I was hesitant, he wants me to go by what he named me.

This means I am reconstructing my personal email, video game characers, monk art, and when I meet with him will be going by my original name.

What is that?

The LORD named me Adam.

I was not completely excited to do this, and he knows why and anyone with common sense will too.

But when he reassured me of it, I am honestly more excited than I was at start about this.

Here below is art of our LORD, I am one of his sons, as we know, and it made him happy to name me Adam, so it makes me happy too.

In the past before I was reborn, I had a larger than current upper skull similar to our LORD.

I will give you two examples from the kaleidoscope.

Those are both me from the past.

Well if your into fun, when I made this decision with the LORD earlier today I entertained him by making a personal email, linking it to a mobile video game called Battle Idle MMORPG and creating a character named “MonkAdam”.

I am making now a character on MU Origin 2 that will follow the same pattern.

My next meeting with the LORD is not very far away, and I am trying to prepare myself for it as perfectly as possible.

These are steps in that process.

I dont yet have much more to say but I will keep you updated.

Have a good night family, I love you lots ❤

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