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WLTOP Raffles By Adam News

Hello every lovey ❤

So as our previous posts mention, I am recently adding my LORD given name to my video game characters.

That is the last time I met with our LORD that he called me by name was Adam.

Also communicating with him recently he wants me to go by this name instead of Aluzen which I myself picked.

So all in all of making a new email for my name Adam and making video game characters to get RPG deep into it, I am getting ready to do WLTOP raffles using my Adam Characters.

Two of the games I plan to do raffles on are MU Online and Rucoy Online.

Here is a screenshot of MU Online.

Also here is a screenshot of Rucoy Online.

In both games those are my new characters which I have started recently.

I have done some of our past WLTOP raffles in these games and had great success.

So LORD, was waiting for Adam to do We Love The Oldest Parents and Raffles dedicated to your club and family worth all the stress?

The people who get the gifts think it was 🙂 ❤

Well LORD I am getting healthier through worship.

The glues they injected me with to fix my scars from that fight against that wolf are basically all dried up and a lot of silver scars are starting to show my and your meeting.

I miss looking more similar to you.

I will keep trying to help with the wind, I want to eventually get healthy enough that I do it a lot and properly each day.

I love you and your kids lots Father LORD, and also any higher age parents.

Have a great day family, you deserve it ❤

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