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Idle Clans Cheer (Inspiration – App Update)

Hi family ❤

Last night I was sending the LORD a message over facebook for him to pick up about me using the name he calls me in video games and how I was playing a new mmorpg I started a WLTOP clan in.

Let me show you the screenshots from the convo,

You can click those to enlarge, and they are from last night, the clan now has 4 people in it ❤

Now for this new video game called “Idle Clans” I decided to be supportive and promote them.

So I was going to add a banner for them in our APP under the Apps We Love button page, but the idea inspired a better idea.

I made a whole new button called the “Games We Love” button and it has a list of games that we play, do raffles on, and love to help become a success.

The list has near 10 currently but I will add more over time.

Currently they are basically mmorpg games but I plan to add alternatives like puzzle games and word games etc for people who shy away from fake violence.

While this new app button page has a list of these games we love I also on that page kept true to the desire and added as a special mention a banner for Idle Clans.

The WLTOP app updates within itself so to notice these changes you close and then open the app if you are using it or have it open and the updates will then be there.

Have a great day family, link to download our free WLTOP app is in our WLTOP Menu.

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