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The Schizophrenics Thank You Note

Hello family, today I have a small idea to talk to you bout my schizophrenia, to say thank you to the people who have been kind to me, endured the problems of it, and give them a heart felt apology that I want to be a better family member.

Schizophrenia is a extra voice(s) in my mind or thoughts that is not my own, I do not control it.

Explaining it is as if someone installed a walkie talkie in me and is talking to me through microphone.

With the Oldest Parents help and their descendants help I have life easy enough that it is tolerable.

But to the family who has been so kind and loving to me I say thank you, I apologize, and don’t quit.

This illness cannot be stronger than our Oldest Parents, and because of that I know I will be healed of it in the future, as difficult it is for me and the ones we love, wait on the Oldest for that healing.

Until then and after then I am your brother who loves you and appreciates what you do for me and our Oldest.

I believe in miracles and that’s what this family needs, so to us, cheers for our WLTOP efforts, I know through our club, we will get what we need.

Have a good day and night family, its only 4pm at my house, I plan to update that app later probably tonight.

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