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Add The WLTOP Discord To Your Collection

Hello everybody who seeks the blessings of ancestors and needs some love ā¤

A while ago I started our WLTOP discord channel, got busy, and didnt do much with it until recently.

Now our Discord Channel has a few members and most of the happenings in it are either WLTOP content, or MMORPG teamwork.

So if you are a discord channel collector you should and please can totally add the WLTOP Discord Server to your collection, your invite link is below.

Click Here To Join Our Newly Improved Discord Server Full Of WLTOP Goodies

There is 5 of us at the moment, we all gathered together within the last day or two.

Lets grow it and make it big, full of Oldest Parents topic fun and video game teamwork.

For future reference the button list above our blog menu and below the WLTOP Angel Logo also has a discord button you can use to join.

Have a great day descendants of the kings/queens šŸ™‚

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