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Charity Page Update (For The LORDs Young)

Hello dearly beloved members in the loving our Oldest Parents effort.

I updated our charity page in our menu as I received a request for help on facebook and though I do not have the income for it, I am passing it along, and promoting it here on We Love The Oldest Parents.

We are now partnered with suggesting the donation to the charity called Children International.

The LORD has many children, of all kinds of ages younger than him, all a rounded 1% his age.

What came with the law and work in a family as large as us is that we are currently in a situation where young people need help of loving religious people, family who want to make the Oldest Parents proud with good deed.

On our charity page is now a update where you can find info on how to donate to children international so the younger than even us can afford enough food that they do not starve,

I know you are hungry, and I know you are tired, but estimate the connection of, do you have more than this brother child in the charity and would you like to make it more equal to that you are both the LORDs children, neither should have so little.

I encourage you to do what you can, if you want to help but dont have the income, sharing their website on your social media is enough to get our Oldest Parents attention about the need for help.

Thank you for listening to this, I know the topic is sad and difficult enough, we can barely face it.

Have a good day and night family, I hope to update our app soon.

❤ We are hungry, No one should be less than hungry ❤

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