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WLTOP Raffle (Rucoy Online)

Hello family ❤

Tonight as my schizophrenia kicked my butt I decided to cheer myself up and the family 🙂

I did a Rucoy Online raffle, giving away 100k gold each to 5 players who participated by saying in chat “We Love The Oldest Parents”.

Here are the screenshots click to enlarge.

The players thanked us and we had a good time, someone even made a teasing joke.

Expect more giveaways in our Club which is kind of a way for our Oldest Parents to bond with you and for you participants to kind of non directly get a gift from your Oldest Parents.

I hope you all have a great night and wish you lots of love, I plan to update our app eventually, as early as tonight or later ❤

❤ Rucoy Online and 100K Gold? That Can Buy Some Big Inventory Bags Which Earn Money ❤

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