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For Our Family (New Kaleide Zooms)

Hello family ❤

I made two new kaleidoscope arts per request and both of them have a little hidden art.

Because of low resolution of phone size one of them is not easy to recognize.

I will post the zoomins of one of them both sides.

First though let me share with you the full backgrounds here they are click to enlarge,

Now for the zoomins I call these two zoomins Royal Man set because of the hair style and such.

Click To Enlarge.

Both of those cartoon faces come from one of the earlier displayed backgrounds.

Well family I hope this new art is good enough for you for a while, I plan to make tons more but I am kinda multi tasking as well as trying to get healthier.

Have a great night family, the Oldest Parents always love you.

Oh! P.S.
I will share a parody art I made for our deviant art account for fans of the anime bleach series.

Its of the bleach soul king, and kinda references our LORD.

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