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Welcome Hellenism To The WLTOP App (Update)

Hello good everyones ❤

The consideration of if our LORD has any connection to the hercules cartoon movie deitues got me thinking about our Kaleidoscope and how I have not currently found any of Zeus within it.

So in similarity with how I know our Oldest Parent having been alone dreamed of many any and all family being his best friends, I wanted to try and reach out to the possibility of Zeus being one of my ancestors.

I discovered through study the religion of Zeus and Hades and their close family is called Hellenism.

I added the religion to the WLTOP Prayer Drawer in our app and place four prayer arts inside of it, tonight my goal is to make more art for Hellenism and add it to the app.

Here is one Hellenism prayer art. Click to enlarge.

While as a son and as my easy going self is, my actual desire, is an ideal and easy in itself way, I wish to be best friends with all of our family.

So even though in all the movies and cartoons I have seen with Hades and Zeus in them, they are grumbly against each other, I plan to include both of them into this new folder on our app and if I could manage to, be best friends with both of them.

My argument, no kid should be not allowed to be best friends with all his ancestors.

So if you use our app or want to, enjoy the new area of our prayer art drawer, I will be updating it often tonight with more art, so 4 pictures it has will soon have more.

❤ Have A Great Night Family, Zeus And Hades, Seem Like Good Parents ❤

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