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MU Online Raffles Again?

Hello to you reader, yes you 🙂

We have done many raffles as WLTOP, over 15.

A lot of them were done in the video game called MU Online Classic.

It is an online multiplayer RPG full of adventure action and team work.

In the game we have given away things like jewels and zenny (in game money) the jewels of different types are used for things such as making weapons and armors stronger as well as functioning as trade currencies, very valuable to even high level players.

Though I had done a lot of raffles with MU Onlines players a difficulty of transferring my characters happened and I could not find a fix, so I got discouraged.

I had made a guide for one of the character classes called “Rage Fighter” that I posted on Reddit and it got a LOT of attention and compliments.

Recently someone asked me for help with the Dark Knight class and I decided to make a guide for him, this led to me this morning creating a Dark Knight Character on the Fresei server and starting new.

Along with this new effort I will again share what I can and you guessed it, do more WLTOP raffles.

It will be some days before I am progressed in the game enough to offer anything.

Some days if a player leaves the game running 24 hours he gains 1 jewel, or 5, or none.

With Zenny I dont like to be stingy I usually give away at least 1 million to each raffle participant, that takes hours not a full day.

But for efficiency I will probably wait until I am well past level 100 and maybe close to level 200, by then I estimate I will possibly be rich enough to do a raffle.

Oh guys, by the way, it is MU Online Classic Webzens anniversary this month or end of it anyways, on the 30th of this month they are revealing a special event and possibly rewards, so if you want any of that join up, I will post details below. Click the picture to go to their website.

Thats all for now my friends and Oldest Parents supporters, just remember on your difficult days and even slight moments, the Oldest Parents consider you best friends.

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