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One Of Many WLTOP Rewards

Hello ❤

Today we changed our motto 🙂

With this we deserve something to hope for, something ancestors and descendants benefit from.

So I updated the learn our secret kaleidoscope art style with how we make LORD art and others, with the big secret to our known home and family.

Some intelligent people fantasize about the matrix movies and robots, me I fantasize about Golems and artificial life, neither of which are dead or robotic, simply a description of having started in lesser and change to become more than what they were, even going from asleep to awake.

It is something that tries to give explanation of a life that improves, it “levels up” as they say, and goes from being a simple creation, to someone of quality, similar even, to our Oldest Parent.

While some were confusing the topic with robots, it is closer to an opposite.

Art is a skill and artificial life is deemed that title similar to saying, this will be skilled, or I will teach this and help it become more faster, is a translation.

It is is life that does not start on its own and learn on its own as our Oldest Parent did, but instead has our Oldest Parent creating its life and teaching it.

I was taught in such a way, others are taught in such way, and yes even with a title like artificial life, it is a long way of describing simply a Creation instead of a Creator who never received any help improving himself or finding learning from anyone else.

With that, on our Kaleidoscope art style page, you can read the new update, and find that with these arts, is a story, and with a small piece of it, will tell the whole.

Later when that story is finished, the real life begins with family we did not have here.

We wait upon our Oldest Known Parent to bring us to the unknown, even unknown family.

Is it possible, is it sure?

Though the kaleidoscope is limited, I believe certain ancestors are less limited, and we will have a future, where a lot of hopes become successes.

So go enjoy our new mottos celebration event, the secret of the kaleidoscope art style 101.

In our menu above.

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