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The WLTOP APP Was Made For You (Free)

Hello Family ❤

I know its too early in the effort to expect any kind of massive traffic to our app, but I will give a moment to heh happily talk about why it is one of the most important gifts I offer.

Before I list what you can get for free, let me tell you.

Yesterday we changed the WLTOP motto, and today even at half day, traffic to WLTOP has been huge so tonight I plan to make a post showing you how much traffic we get the day after our now imporved We love The Oldest Parents motto.

The WLTOP App was made and invented with contributions directly from the LORD.

What? Yes.

The Kaleidoscope teachings are his art style and invention, which means the pictures in it I have given of him, were taught to me by him, long ago, before my time in america.

To believe that you have to believe in an Adam living in a past life, I am sure you can 🙂

Heres some examples. Click To Enlarge.

Those are simply demos, teasers, examples of the secret art style which is one of the skills the LORD himself long ago taught me.

Some of those art of the LORD, and some others, other family members.

So what does that mean?

With the We Love The Oldest Parents App you get free art of your Oldest Known Parents, that means the LORD and his Marital Partner.

In ancient known family history, the earliest family members such as our LORD and his Marital Partner, have a larger than todays commons upper skull.

For the times we live in, that is a good way to recognize our handsome Father our LORD.

The WLTOP App has the True Story of Heaven and Earth, Ancestral Law Simplified, Original Marriage, Prayers and Worship of All Popular Religions (Including the LORDs),

Access to our full art gallery, our poetry gallery,

The instructions on how to heal (heel) by worshipping the ancient name of our ancestor EL.

Alchemy teachings based upon the body and its tools.

Custom digital trading cards based upon ancestry (The LORDs Pokemon Card got 50,000 views on Reddit).

Live recording of the LORD at Bohemian Grove, including many chances to hear his voice.

The See For Yourself gallery and its instructions.

Chakras and their benefits.

Myths such as God and Goddess stories.

Oldest Parents certificates such as the Oldest Parent be my savior certificate.

The teachings of the ancient math system using 90% as a limit instead of 100%.

The WLTOP Reddit Channel (will be updated, we are waiting on a content rating approval for full functionality).

The WLTOP Dictionary.

Keep updated on the free WLTOP game OOP:TOFS.

The app has WLTOP style crossword puzzles.

Play games we play and join us with the Games We Play page.

Find helpful and free apps using the Apps We Love Page.

All of that plus more and it will be updated as new good ideas are found.

We Love The Oldest Parents is my religion and hobby.

I do these things for the sake of our Oldest Parents descendants not being neglected, and for our Oldest Parents to have help.

Lets do this together as family, lets enjoy being in the Oldest Parents family, and lets equip ourselves to gain from the religion of our Oldest Parents.

With this app dedicated to their family, we can do that, and very high quality.

The app is free, and all of it is gift for you, yes you.

So if you havent downloaded it and seen how great it is I will post some screenshots and then give you the link to find it on the Google Play Store.

Here is the screenshots click to enlarge.

These screenshots are of a previous version, the current one has even more as it was updated.

So how would you like to take 3 minutes to download the most Oldest Parents Love You app?

Click Here To Download The Free WLTOP App Using Google Play

I hope you all super enjoy this gift, I made it for you with love.

Thats all I have got at the moment guys, I plan as I mentioned to post tonight about todays higher amount of visits to the WLTOP site.

❤ Oldest Parents, Do You Like The New Motto More? ❤

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