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First Day With New Motto Stats

Hello family ❤

I am a few hours later than I planned to make this post, I kinda slept a little longer than I thought I would but lets look at how our traffic was the day after our motto change.

May 22 2023 Day Stats

We got 12 people who love the Oldest Parents that visited our site and in total of how many pages amongst them were viewed was 18.

That possibly does or does not seem like a lot to you, but to offer consideration, I do not advertise using money, that is because of lack of budget.

Which means these 12 family members are visiting because of things like search engines, and social media.

So all in all that’s pretty good 🙂

I expect as we continue the effort the numbers will get bigger.

Cheers to our efforts being a success, and what we did as a effort, was help our family know they are loved.

❤ Dear Oldest Parents, Love Your Descendants ❤

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