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Ancestral Law And Abuse (Petition To Save You)

Hello family ❤

As a child I met with the LORD in private as I have mentioned rarely even though locals tried to force me not to talk about it with family.

I have decided to meet again with the LORD but focusedly as a part I am bringing to him and high age ancestors complaints of abusing the ancestral law.

This is your chance to sign our We Love The Oldest Parents petition.

If you have been raped, abused, thefted, enslaved, anything that would be unlawful to the Oldest Parents commandments the LORD gave to his descendants.

If you need help of the LORD and high age ancestors to make changes happen so you have a good quality of life, a wealthy quality of life, as if you are royalty descended from a Creator King, of which you really are.

Sign the petition so we can tell the Oldest Parents you need and or want their help.

The Oldest Parents see all and hear all so even before I have a meeting with the LORD they will know your signing and be prepared to care about your quality of life.

Here is the link, its quick and easy to sign, and some of us need this petition as a defense against the extreme law breakings that have happened.

Click Here To Tell The Oldest Parents Help With A Simple Signature

I just made this petition moments ago based upon years of considering to do this, and it has 1 signature at the moment I am writing this.

Join in as a defense for your future, free of abuse, claim your victory with the Oldest Parents help.

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