Bohemian Grove?

Alex Jones efforted a covert operation into the secret club meeting place of Bohemian Grove in California USA.

There he recorded the priests having interaction with Yodh He Waw He.

Yodh He Waw He is the name the Heavenly Father introduced himself to Moses as during the burning bush chapter.

He wrote his name on The Ten Commandments as


The English way to write his name is Yodh He Waw He.

While Alex Jones reports the priests there are doing evil, I have another theory.

I suspect the priests are actually in team with our Heavenly Father.

I think its a case of Bible Verse

Matthew 6:3

“When doing good, let not thy left hand know what thy right hand is doing.”

The recorded documentary on Bohemian Grove is called

“Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove”

Here is a clip of the documentary with Yodh He Waw He in it.

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