Fully Family: The First Creation Completed

Got book 8 of the Bohemian Grove Offerings series completed. It is live on Google Play and Smashwords. Book 5 was “Remnant Coil” giving a perspective of what it was like for our oldest parent, the creator, to begin life alone in the Nothing everything began from. Book 8 “Fully Family” is a perspective ofContinue reading “Fully Family: The First Creation Completed”

Book 8 Chapter 7 Sneak Peek

“The Great Competition” Fast forward to recent times. Our family population is boasted to be above 7 billion. There is still two oldest parents, one creator, one creation. Luck had become perceived that the first creation is the luckiest of us, being married to the creator. However even for the youngest creation, we are definitelyContinue reading “Book 8 Chapter 7 Sneak Peek”

Book 8 Chapter 5 Sneak Peak

Book 8 of the Bohemian Grove Offerings SeriesChapter 5 Sneak Peak“Sharing Becomes Real” Our creator shared everything with the first creation. Not all at once but in a patient time, so as not to be overwhelming, but fast enough to be fun. Sharing was of course a fascination for our creator in early life becauseContinue reading “Book 8 Chapter 5 Sneak Peak”

Your Valentines Day Gift, Sneak Peak Of Book 8 Chapter 4

Book 8 of the bohemian grove offerings seriesChapter 4 sneak peak, a valentines day present prearranged “The Creation Is Passionate” For our creator, what would the first creation be like once living? Would they be adept? Would they need modification? Would they love? Our creators desire to learn the answers to these questions caused aContinue reading “Your Valentines Day Gift, Sneak Peak Of Book 8 Chapter 4”

B.G.O. Book 8 Chapter 3 Sneak Peak

“The Purposes To Not Be Alone” What can a team of two do that one cannot, what can be improved? Well efficiency can be improved. Two people gathering and managing resources increases the speed at which we have things. But what is even more important? Our creator is smart and has worked long at becomingContinue reading “B.G.O. Book 8 Chapter 3 Sneak Peak”

Book 8 First Chapter Sneak Peak

First Chapter in Book 8 “Fully Family: The First Creation” Sneak Peak“The Success Of Creational Magic” Everything began from Nothing. After many years friction and growth happened. It began producing materials and substance. Many more long years of these floating and colliding against and away from each other. After much solid material and magic wereContinue reading “Book 8 First Chapter Sneak Peak”

Book 8, Fully Family: The First Creation

Starting book 8 tonightBook 5 “Remnant Coil” was about our 1st Oldest Ancestors beginning to life in the Nothing everything began from, giving perspective of what it was like.Book 8 is intended to be about our 2nd Oldest Ancestor, the first creation, it is supposed to be a perspective of what it is like toContinue reading “Book 8, Fully Family: The First Creation”

Yodh He Waw He Is A Hero

Dear Yodh He Waw HeI Love you as a best friendNot anything wierd…You have been good to me and my friendsPlease accept my thanks for your effortsMy efforts of thanksAnd please accept my apologies for my weaknessesWhen you have timeI need you to give me a father son talk or leader follower talkI need youContinue reading “Yodh He Waw He Is A Hero”

Removal Of My Limitations, A Thank You

I used some of the stimulus to order a desktop computer. Up until now, ive been doing the site, books, videos, and art, from my phone. Its had its good moments but also a lot of headaches. This new desktop should make things easier and remove limitations. The computer was scheduled to be delivered todayContinue reading “Removal Of My Limitations, A Thank You”

Yodh He Waw He, Creational Magic, And Us.

Who wants to hear a theory note relevant to themself in a mysterious way. Im a creation, im guessing the reader is too, in minority though maybe our creator is hearing this too. Ill start. An individual. One person Is unique. You can only be yourself. You cannot be two people at once. You areContinue reading “Yodh He Waw He, Creational Magic, And Us.”