Dear Oldest Parents, To Learn Of Me, What You Made

Thank you for life. Thank you for the soul. Thank you for parents. Thank you for love. Short Disclaimer: This post is deep and long. I make it to outreach to friends and thought. I say it goodly and with freedom to religion, as it is in my emotion, very religious. I had a interestingContinue reading “Dear Oldest Parents, To Learn Of Me, What You Made”

A Hump Day Random Acts Of Kindness For Women

Its wednesday, some call it hump day because its the middle of the weekdays and we all like to get to the weekend so we can party smarty. Waiting for my phone appointment with my health support team so I decided to take a bit of the waiting time and do something nice for ourContinue reading “A Hump Day Random Acts Of Kindness For Women”

Fully Family: The First Creation Completed

Got book 8 of the Bohemian Grove Offerings series completed. It is live on Google Play and Smashwords. Book 5 was “Remnant Coil” giving a perspective of what it was like for our oldest parent, the creator, to begin life alone in the Nothing everything began from. Book 8 “Fully Family” is a perspective ofContinue reading “Fully Family: The First Creation Completed”

Book 8 Chapter 7 Sneak Peek

“The Great Competition” Fast forward to recent times. Our family population is boasted to be above 7 billion. There is still two oldest parents, one creator, one creation. Luck had become perceived that the first creation is the luckiest of us, being married to the creator. However even for the youngest creation, we are definitelyContinue reading “Book 8 Chapter 7 Sneak Peek”

Book 8 Chapter 6 Sneak Peak

“The Parenting Of The First Two” The creator and first creation became a very efficient team together. It could be said it didnt take long for them to agree to grow the family further. With the creators desire to continue using creational magic to gain more experience with it and the creations desire to seeContinue reading “Book 8 Chapter 6 Sneak Peak”

A Spanish Fantasy On Marital Twinish Names

We have a worldwide population of 7.8 billion We often have a large amount of times our names are reused in our family Want to take a look at how a fantasy marriage could make it simpler Our heavenly father is good and everyone loves him, I would like to use his marriage as anContinue reading “A Spanish Fantasy On Marital Twinish Names”

Book 8 Chapter 5 Sneak Peak

Book 8 of the Bohemian Grove Offerings SeriesChapter 5 Sneak Peak“Sharing Becomes Real” Our creator shared everything with the first creation. Not all at once but in a patient time, so as not to be overwhelming, but fast enough to be fun. Sharing was of course a fascination for our creator in early life becauseContinue reading “Book 8 Chapter 5 Sneak Peak”