B.G.O. Book 8 Chapter 3 Sneak Peak

“The Purposes To Not Be Alone” What can a team of two do that one cannot, what can be improved? Well efficiency can be improved. Two people gathering and managing resources increases the speed at which we have things. But what is even more important? Our creator is smart and has worked long at becomingContinue reading “B.G.O. Book 8 Chapter 3 Sneak Peak”

A Valentines Month Prayer For Yodh He Waw He

Us creations pray a lot for ourselves, wanna join me in a prayer for the creator (God) (Yodh He Waw He)? Dear Nothing everything began from,You are full of success,You are beautiful,Your son Yodh He Waw He is perfect,He is my friend,I love him very much and I know you do too,You raised him inContinue reading “A Valentines Month Prayer For Yodh He Waw He”

The Happy Sylvan Holidays Song

Imma Try A Song Oh Sylvan HolidaySylvan HolidayBorn From The NothingJoin And Come PlayAll The SmartsAnd All The CartsYay We SayHappy Sylvan Happy Sylvan Happy HolidayMagic Unfolds, Traders So BoldAlchemy And JoyFor Every Girl And BoyWith Yodh He Waw He As Our KingWe Can Finally SingHappy Sylvan Happy Sylvan Happy Holidays Happy Valentines Month ❤Continue reading “The Happy Sylvan Holidays Song”

Fate And Chaos

Chaos and Chaotic Minded people have a strong guidance by fate and I said fate not faith, not everyone whos winging it needs to have any faith A creature lacking comprehension or knowledge living only by instinct does not yet require faith They instead live by learning and experimenting They rely on resilience, tolerance, andContinue reading “Fate And Chaos”

Phone Version Of The Descendantry Certificate

Earlier I posted a PC Sized Certificate Of Descendantry for us Creations. I promised to make a phone version. Here it is. It will be placed in the menu under “Worshipping The Ancestors” On the “Heavenly Formal Adoption Made Fun” page, The PC version is already there.

Free Certificate Stating You, Yes You, Are A Child Of The Creator

Here’s a certificate to remind yourself and let others remember, you, yes you, are a descendant of the Heavenly Father (God) (Yodh He Waw He) (יהוה). Its size is desktop computer monitor sizing, it could probably be rotated to vertical to fit on a phone, I will try to make a horizontal phone version later.Continue reading “Free Certificate Stating You, Yes You, Are A Child Of The Creator”

Dear Parent Creator

I know you had a difficult and stress filled quality of life early on, what with outer space (The Nothing everything began from) being mysterious, complex, and dangerous. From me, your creation’s perspective, what you are doing properly is the good and gentle. I know you are trying to give me a more pleasant qualityContinue reading “Dear Parent Creator”

The Lost Books Of The Bible, Old Books Of Adam And Eve

The Lost Books Of Eden (Old Books Of Adam And Eve)|First BookCHAP. III Concerning the promise of the great five days and a half.GOD (Yodh He Waw He) said to Adam, “I have ordained on this earth days and years, and thou and thy seed shall dwell and walk in it, until the days andContinue reading “The Lost Books Of The Bible, Old Books Of Adam And Eve”