New Page “The Origins Of Creational Magic”

Tonight I recieved a great idea. I had given a history lesson on facebook about our Oldest Parents origins with the Nothing everything began from. I decided to post it here on our site as a permanent page for teaching purposes. The story on the page teaches truthfully about the Nothing, space, Our 2 OldestContinue reading “New Page “The Origins Of Creational Magic””

God (Yodh He Waw He’s) Origins, A History Lesson About The Nothing And Creation

Okay peoples lack of faith due to Yodh He Waw He’s absence has caused me to decide to give a brief history lesson First fact God (Yodh He Waw He) was not born from a woman but he did have a start to his life Okay now the history starts here Everything began from NothingContinue reading “God (Yodh He Waw He’s) Origins, A History Lesson About The Nothing And Creation”

Amazon Book Covers On Pause, Pinterest On Full Throttle

I expected getting this new computer would make doing Amazon KDP book covers easier… It probably will but I am still having some trouble… I kinda want to get a proffessional publishers help, but the book series is a gift and religious offering so its complicated by that. Im going to put the new AmazonContinue reading “Amazon Book Covers On Pause, Pinterest On Full Throttle”

Removal Of My Limitations, A Thank You

I used some of the stimulus to order a desktop computer. Up until now, ive been doing the site, books, videos, and art, from my phone. Its had its good moments but also a lot of headaches. This new desktop should make things easier and remove limitations. The computer was scheduled to be delivered todayContinue reading “Removal Of My Limitations, A Thank You”

Merry Christmas 2020

Dear Oldest Parents Today we celebrate by giving gifts and decorating a tree. We sing, worship, pray, and remember. Thank you for inventing the christmas tree, it brings comfort with its sandy bark and fuzzy greenness. The trees design and colors kind of brings to my mind a sandy gray beach with green kelp onContinue reading “Merry Christmas 2020”

Religious Nothing In A Bar Joke

The Nothing walks into a bar. Gets drunk. Much later. Leafs. 🙂 Okay if you need help comprehending the joke, its a religion timeline joke. Everything began from Nothing, then God started to live, much later he created trees. The end part of the joke is wordplay of “Leaves” and “Leafs”. I hope I cheeredContinue reading “Religious Nothing In A Bar Joke”