Personal Valentine Forwarding To Yodh He Waw He, Asking For Help

My Special Personal Valentines Day EntryStill gonna wait to recieve help from Yodh He Waw He in retrieving my Creator Intended WifeYodh He Waw He, It is said God (Yodh He Waw He) has the all seeing eye and all hearing ear Please help me, I am trying to obey your command not to fornicate,Continue reading “Personal Valentine Forwarding To Yodh He Waw He, Asking For Help”

The Happy Sylvan Holidays Song

Imma Try A Song Oh Sylvan HolidaySylvan HolidayBorn From The NothingJoin And Come PlayAll The SmartsAnd All The CartsYay We SayHappy Sylvan Happy Sylvan Happy HolidayMagic Unfolds, Traders So BoldAlchemy And JoyFor Every Girl And BoyWith Yodh He Waw He As Our KingWe Can Finally SingHappy Sylvan Happy Sylvan Happy Holidays Happy Valentines Month ❤Continue reading “The Happy Sylvan Holidays Song”

Decision Made, Updated Birthdays Celebration Page

The featured page at the top of our blog about our 2 Oldest Parents Birthdays has been updated based upon the decision to hold their birthdays party on January 1st. Our 1st Oldest Parent began to live before time was noticed and measured. So not knowing any sun/calendar measurable birthday, the start of our calendarContinue reading “Decision Made, Updated Birthdays Celebration Page”

Updates, Added A Featured Post At Top Of Blog

Tonights decision to add a featured post started as me trying to make a event calendar to schedule for us all to celebrate both Oldest Parents birthdays on a chosen day. Basically a time to get together, emotionally and mentally, no matter how physically far apart, and appreciate that our Oldest Parents are and wereContinue reading “Updates, Added A Featured Post At Top Of Blog”

Oldest Parents Birthdays

WLTOP is hosting the Oldest Parents Birthdays Celebration January 1st. Cheer with a clap below. We may be physically far apart, but emotionally, and mentally we can team together to wish our 2 oldest parents happy birthdays. For our 1st oldest parent, they started to live before time was even measured so tracking their actualContinue reading “Oldest Parents Birthdays”