Free Certificate Stating You, Yes You, Are A Child Of The Creator

Here’s a certificate to remind yourself and let others remember, you, yes you, are a descendant of the Heavenly Father (God) (Yodh He Waw He) (יהוה). Its size is desktop computer monitor sizing, it could probably be rotated to vertical to fit on a phone, I will try to make a horizontal phone version later.Continue reading “Free Certificate Stating You, Yes You, Are A Child Of The Creator”

Blog Post Header Images Resized

Resized the blog header images to fit for pc all the way left and right. It doesnt automatically change the old ones and it would take too long to go into the hundred blog posts already posted and redo the old ones. So basically this change will take effect for new blog posts. Including thisContinue reading “Blog Post Header Images Resized”

Sound Cloud Social Media Icon Added

Okay so sound cloud has been added to our social media icons list at the top of the site. Our reposted music (Basically playlists) is music groups of Christian, Jewish, Classical, Rock, Techno, Country, Jazz, and Nature. If youll enjoy any of that, please give it a listen. The sound cloud button is the iconContinue reading “Sound Cloud Social Media Icon Added”

Proof And Evidence, After Death, Creations Are Reborn As Babies

Herein is a history lesson on our whole world family as of the bible, God (Yodh He Waw He), The soul, Creation, and life and death as of our currence due to lack of immortality since portioned genesis. MATTHEW 10:28 “Fearnot that which causes death, but is not able to kill the soul.” Even scientificContinue reading “Proof And Evidence, After Death, Creations Are Reborn As Babies”

Amazon Book Covers On Pause, Pinterest On Full Throttle

I expected getting this new computer would make doing Amazon KDP book covers easier… It probably will but I am still having some trouble… I kinda want to get a proffessional publishers help, but the book series is a gift and religious offering so its complicated by that. Im going to put the new AmazonContinue reading “Amazon Book Covers On Pause, Pinterest On Full Throttle”

10+ WordPress Followers And First Backlink

We have risen above the 10 WordPress followers milestone to 12 followers. You see, our website is hosted by WordPress, and I designed it using WordPress tools. If you have a free WordPress account, you can follow the blogs of WordPress sites. I have recently been following a lot of other blogs and also leavingContinue reading “10+ WordPress Followers And First Backlink”

100 Twitter Followers And Growing

Well we did it, we have 100 twitter followers. Im really excited about our groups future. If youre reading this, youre awesome. I really appreciate the courage to join in. On a side note, I had a problem with the WordPress app (They are our website host) I explained the problem to WordPress customer supportContinue reading “100 Twitter Followers And Growing”

30 Twitter Followers And Growing

We now have 30 Twitter followers, Yay us! The great thing about following us on Twitter is when a post is made here on our blog a notice of it is sent out on Twitter. So if you subscribe to us on Twitter you can stay up to date on all the fun new content.Continue reading “30 Twitter Followers And Growing”

Excitement For WLTOP

Id like to say our church group WLTOP is growing and succeeding. The whole thing is very exciting and we have more than 300 members in our facebook group. Ive filled up our Youtube channel with educational and supportive videos. Our Deviant Art has over 100 free desktop wallpapers available on it. Our Twitter isContinue reading “Excitement For WLTOP”