Book 8, Fully Family: The First Creation

Starting book 8 tonightBook 5 “Remnant Coil” was about our 1st Oldest Ancestors beginning to life in the Nothing everything began from, giving perspective of what it was like.Book 8 is intended to be about our 2nd Oldest Ancestor, the first creation, it is supposed to be a perspective of what it is like toContinue reading “Book 8, Fully Family: The First Creation”

Updates, Added A Featured Post At Top Of Blog

Tonights decision to add a featured post started as me trying to make a event calendar to schedule for us all to celebrate both Oldest Parents birthdays on a chosen day. Basically a time to get together, emotionally and mentally, no matter how physically far apart, and appreciate that our Oldest Parents are and wereContinue reading “Updates, Added A Featured Post At Top Of Blog”

Oldest Parents Birthdays

WLTOP is hosting the Oldest Parents Birthdays Celebration January 1st. Cheer with a clap below. We may be physically far apart, but emotionally, and mentally we can team together to wish our 2 oldest parents happy birthdays. For our 1st oldest parent, they started to live before time was even measured so tracking their actualContinue reading “Oldest Parents Birthdays”

Charity And Fundraisers Page Updates

Rebuilt our Charity and Fundraisers page. WLTOP now is partnered with 8 different Non-Profits. WLTOP does not receive the money and redistribute it. All donations made on their websites or their respective pages will go directly to the Non-Profit. Heres is a list of the Charities we are suggesting as good choices to donateContinue reading “Charity And Fundraisers Page Updates”

Proof And Evidence, After Death, Creations Are Reborn As Babies

Herein is a history lesson on our whole world family as of the bible, God (Yodh He Waw He), The soul, Creation, and life and death as of our currence due to lack of immortality since portioned genesis. MATTHEW 10:28 “Fearnot that which causes death, but is not able to kill the soul.” Even scientificContinue reading “Proof And Evidence, After Death, Creations Are Reborn As Babies”

I Donated To Our Fundraiser

Earlier I asked for $1 or $2 donations to the American Foundation For Suicide prevention. Its a fundraiser Im teamed to do with Facebook for my birthday this year. I just learned either Facebook or the founddation has set the minimum donation to $5. I apologize for not knowing this and suggesting a lower amount.Continue reading “I Donated To Our Fundraiser”

October 2020 Goals

Its October, I live in a summer hot desert, so yay cooler weather. Things expected to be achieved in October. New Youtube Channel Videos. New Deviant Art uploads. Website updates, both Major and Minor. (A Hope) Get our first website comment. Update our books links pages to the new URLs. Grow our Facebook Group, YoutubeContinue reading “October 2020 Goals”