A Man Loves A Woman, It Is Known, But Here A Story Of Love For Our Brothers

A Story“The Bibles Fornication And My Love For My Brothers” We are all one family. This story will be short enough to ease, but long enough to be honest and loving. We all have a comprehension of what or who a God and Goddess are. They are our 2 Oldest Parents, presumably, Yodh He WawContinue reading “A Man Loves A Woman, It Is Known, But Here A Story Of Love For Our Brothers”

The Lost Books Of The Bible, Old Books Of Adam And Eve

The Lost Books Of Eden (Old Books Of Adam And Eve)|First BookCHAP. III Concerning the promise of the great five days and a half.GOD (Yodh He Waw He) said to Adam, “I have ordained on this earth days and years, and thou and thy seed shall dwell and walk in it, until the days andContinue reading “The Lost Books Of The Bible, Old Books Of Adam And Eve”

Yodh He Waw He, Our Saviour From Sin, A Prayer

Dear Yodh He Waw He, You gave us plants, you gave us rain, you gave us family, even friendship. Will you please find a way to stop the families fear and pain? You are a good leader. We need you. The animals as recent are in extra need of your mercy. I have said manyContinue reading “Yodh He Waw He, Our Saviour From Sin, A Prayer”

The Promised Land Prophecies Roots

Divine Prophecies can be navigated through complex pathways which can be seen at the roots. You wanna be a real prophet? Bring the promised land to your family, or your family to the promised land. So what is the promised land? Maybe you read in the bible for the Jews it was Israel. But asContinue reading “The Promised Land Prophecies Roots”

A Humble Prayer

Dear Oldest Parents, You are good to us Please accept our good to you You love us Please accept our love for you Their has been a lot of truth and their has been a lot of deception Please guide us through the truth and shield us from harm of deception Dear Yodh He WawContinue reading “A Humble Prayer”

Improving My Relationships With Our Brothers

So my relationship with my brothers needs to be improved Im talking large scale Were all one family I love them but I am not sure if some of them believe it or even can Theres so much hate and violence that happens I can expect its difficult to accept love of someone with noContinue reading “Improving My Relationships With Our Brothers”

A Hopeful Prayer

Yodh He Waw He, may I make a prayer request?Give me and anyone else who wants it, a way to apologize and fix our past sins.Many of us love you, Id even say, going out on a limb everyone loves you.I want to be at peace of this.I know others do too, I hear theirContinue reading “A Hopeful Prayer”

Disabled Citizens Story

Just to free some of my feelingsThe difference between work and contribution is money earnedYou get paid to do workLike it says in the bible“A worker deserves compensation”It is actually impossible to not contribute even if disabledI’m disabled but I still get taxed when I make certain purchasesWork is contributing and getting paid for itIfContinue reading “Disabled Citizens Story”

Oldest Parents Birthdays

WLTOP is hosting the Oldest Parents Birthdays Celebration January 1st. Cheer with a clap below. We may be physically far apart, but emotionally, and mentally we can team together to wish our 2 oldest parents happy birthdays. For our 1st oldest parent, they started to live before time was even measured so tracking their actualContinue reading “Oldest Parents Birthdays”