A Plea Of Consideration For Yodh He Waw He

Okay now the purpose of this topic is not too bad mouth our friend and father but to observe something that could be improved upon maybe with a more gentle structureAt 18 we are considered an adultWe hard labor, get married, have kidsIt can be fun, but it can also be overwhelmingNowWhat I want toContinue reading “A Plea Of Consideration For Yodh He Waw He”

Charity And Fundraisers Page Updates

Rebuilt our Charity and Fundraisers page. WLTOP now is partnered with 8 different Non-Profits. WLTOP does not receive the money and redistribute it. All donations made on their websites or their respective GoFundMe.com pages will go directly to the Non-Profit. Heres is a list of the Charities we are suggesting as good choices to donateContinue reading “Charity And Fundraisers Page Updates”

A Prayer For The Adamah (Humans) To Our Oldest Parents

A prayer to the Oldest Parents (Yodh He Waw He)Of the Adamah (Humans) Dear Parents I make friends with the humans and animals Recently I have asked a lot to bring peace to the animals This may seem to negatively reflect upon us humans So I would like to give a balancing thanks Dear OldestContinue reading “A Prayer For The Adamah (Humans) To Our Oldest Parents”

Yodh He Waw He On The Facebook Family Tree

Check out my facebook family tree in progress. God wrote his name on the 10 commandments as יהוה‎ Which in English is Yodh He Waw He Not God If you got faith And I know you do Invest a bit of love into your own facebook family tree Its in the edit profile menu

Alternative Suggestions To A Degrading Bros Phrase

I dont like the phrase bros before hoes I wanna suggest some cheery non degrading alternatives Bros not woes Brothers good lovers Bros as wind blows Brothers and mothers Bros at shows Brothers toguthers (childish form of togethers, slang) Bros with light clothes Brothers with each others Now some sister ones Sisters with good mrsContinue reading “Alternative Suggestions To A Degrading Bros Phrase”

Video Game Suggestion: Battle DNA 3 Idle Rpg

Video Game Recommendation Battle DNA 3 A free idle rpg game on the Google play store Boasting classy retro Super Nintendo graphics and a cozy user interface Many party members to hire with gold choose 5 to bring with you into battle This game features a new game+ system called rebirth Get far enough inContinue reading “Video Game Suggestion: Battle DNA 3 Idle Rpg”

Suggestion: Bbq Sweet Brown Corn Recipe

Okay so its new years I should have suggested this sooner but I have got a very simple recipe for Bbq corn on the cob that tastes way better than other plain ways. Ingredients: Aluminum Foil Cob Corn Butter Salt Sugar Garlic Powder (Optional) Okay so your going to want to get a sheet ofContinue reading “Suggestion: Bbq Sweet Brown Corn Recipe”

IdleOn! The New Free Idle MMORPG Released

From me to you, a video game suggestion, and review I started a character on this game 40 days ago farming lv 1 monsters, came back last night to a level 30 character with tons of drops and a massive coin amount Unlike most idle or afk rpgs on the google play store, this gameContinue reading “IdleOn! The New Free Idle MMORPG Released”