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Farming Social Security At 90%

Hello especially to our LORD, Oldest, and yes too Our Siblings. I read a news article about changing the age requirement for social security. I know politicians dread to hear suggestions that fail, I have something that may possibly be centered upon the basic success of social security, elders choosing to continue to work. This… Continue reading Farming Social Security At 90%

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Mothers Day Soon

Hey dear family, siblings and ancestor(s). I have been a bit preoccupied with getting a lot of rest due to my health not being exactly where I want it to be. I noticed that because of that I have been a bit lacking in bringing anything new to you here. So, I thought the holiday… Continue reading Mothers Day Soon

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Natural Healing Updated Again

Do you have time to read a 5 minute long update that supports you living healthy and happy? In the Natural Healing page, I added a Pro Vegan also Pro Healing diet and I think you will enjoy the topic. It refers to the Bible and Tanakh's Genesis and includes all the details you need… Continue reading Natural Healing Updated Again

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Cooking: Buffalo Stick Nom’s

Ive got a tasty vegetarian recipe for you that even a microwave does right. Ingredients: Chopped or mini Carrots Buffalo Sauce Sugar Salt Garlic Powder Optional: Butter Optional: Hot Sauce (Buffalo Sauce is usuallly spicy enough alone) Mix the desired amount of ingredients into a microwaveable bowl (taste to measure desired amounts). I suggest adding… Continue reading Cooking: Buffalo Stick Nom’s