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Game Suggestion: Clicker Heroes 2

Maybe you have heard of Clicker Heroes? That is probably Clicker Heroes 1. Heres a screenshot of it. Clicker Heroes 1 was an early history idle incremental game on the market. It was free and featured endless game play, basically one of the first games to have no actual end. The game became popular and… Continue reading Game Suggestion: Clicker Heroes 2

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Video Game Suggestion: Battle DNA 3 Idle Rpg

Video Game Recommendation Battle DNA 3 A free idle rpg game on the Google play store Boasting classy retro Super Nintendo graphics and a cozy user interface Many party members to hire with gold choose 5 to bring with you into battle This game features a new game+ system called rebirth Get far enough in… Continue reading Video Game Suggestion: Battle DNA 3 Idle Rpg

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IdleOn! The New Free Idle MMORPG Released

From me to you, a video game suggestion, and review I started a character on this game 40 days ago farming lv 1 monsters, came back last night to a level 30 character with tons of drops and a massive coin amount Unlike most idle or afk rpgs on the google play store, this game… Continue reading IdleOn! The New Free Idle MMORPG Released

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My New Favorite Game “Elona Online”

New Snes-like Online Rpg In Early Release "Elona Online" So I downloaded the game and tested it. It is glorious. 10/10Christmas Trees Disclaimer:Since its in prereleaseYou can play it now,but when they release the game out of Beta, they will be starting users accounts over The game has an amazing amount of character customization The… Continue reading My New Favorite Game “Elona Online”

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Video Game Suggestion “Rabbit In The Moon”

If you like idle rpgs or auto battle rpgs, "Rabbit In The Moon" can possibly entertain you. While its not completely idle, its auto battle mode can be set to progress to further stages or to repeat stages, thus patching onto it a idle style. Its graphics are beautiful and have a old fashioned feel… Continue reading Video Game Suggestion “Rabbit In The Moon”

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Video Game Dungeon Crushers

Tonight I have a suggestion of fun and education. The game is called Dungeon Crushers. It is an online multiplayer idle rpg. It features a chat system. Clan teamups. Rebirth/prestige system. Artifacts, as well as hero customization. Now Im going to be honest with you about two things. This game is incredibly fun. This game… Continue reading Video Game Dungeon Crushers