A Man Loves A Woman, It Is Known, But Here A Story Of Love For Our Brothers

A Story“The Bibles Fornication And My Love For My Brothers” We are all one family. This story will be short enough to ease, but long enough to be honest and loving. We all have a comprehension of what or who a God and Goddess are. They are our 2 Oldest Parents, presumably, Yodh He WawContinue reading “A Man Loves A Woman, It Is Known, But Here A Story Of Love For Our Brothers”

The Lost Books Of The Bible, Old Books Of Adam And Eve

The Lost Books Of Eden (Old Books Of Adam And Eve)|First BookCHAP. III Concerning the promise of the great five days and a half.GOD (Yodh He Waw He) said to Adam, “I have ordained on this earth days and years, and thou and thy seed shall dwell and walk in it, until the days andContinue reading “The Lost Books Of The Bible, Old Books Of Adam And Eve”

Yodh He Waw He, Our Saviour From Sin, A Prayer

Dear Yodh He Waw He, You gave us plants, you gave us rain, you gave us family, even friendship. Will you please find a way to stop the families fear and pain? You are a good leader. We need you. The animals as recent are in extra need of your mercy. I have said manyContinue reading “Yodh He Waw He, Our Saviour From Sin, A Prayer”

Free Wall Award Art

Below is a award to our ancestor the Creator for being the best parent and person they could be which is basically ideally perfect and only improving. Please enjoy having it, if you’re really feeling courageous it is printable to be framed. This is a blog post so its good to save this picture nowContinue reading “Free Wall Award Art”

Book 8 Chapter 2 Sneak Peak

“Love And Learning” Quick IntroBook 5 was about the Creators early lifeBook 8 is about the first Creations early lifeThese books are of the “Bohemian Grove Offerings” series Which is submitted via Exodus 30:14 of the Bible and Tanakh Teaser Chapter 2 Does a creation when it begins to live for the first time feelContinue reading “Book 8 Chapter 2 Sneak Peak”

The Promised Land Prophecies Roots

Divine Prophecies can be navigated through complex pathways which can be seen at the roots. You wanna be a real prophet? Bring the promised land to your family, or your family to the promised land. So what is the promised land? Maybe you read in the bible for the Jews it was Israel. But asContinue reading “The Promised Land Prophecies Roots”

A Deeper Look At Jesuses Christianity

I find two things very interesting….. Maybe ill draw forth some thinking from you The bible does not mention Adam having children before Eve was pregnant, yet men are said to be the donors An apple tree produces apples on its own, with seeds….on its own The bible teaches much, yet is vague on guidanceContinue reading “A Deeper Look At Jesuses Christianity”

Secrets To A Unique Art Style (Fun)

Back Story To My Profile Picture And The Secret To Wall Scrolls And Kaleidoscopes Picture 1 below is my Facebook profile photoPicture 2 is the original photo it came from, a wall scrollThere is quite the secrecy in this style of artLet me give you a exciting teaserAn example, I google nature photos and useContinue reading “Secrets To A Unique Art Style (Fun)”

Some Friday Cheer In Song

Toes and towmaters, lots of plants on platers Tater tot potaters, meeting at the gaters Family for you….Family for me Together a family….Efforted to be Soooooo…. According to Mater, take your Tomater Cook it up for fun, Cook it up real nice Make a pizza together…. Give it a lot of spice The kind andContinue reading “Some Friday Cheer In Song”

New Theme Shawburn, Social Media Links Additions

Switched over to theme Shawburn It appears good on pc, it isnt as compatible seeming on my smartphone as the old rebalance theme was but I expect this site will have more pc users than phone users for a while. Added Deviant Art, Good Reads, and Email Us, Social Media Icons to the top ofContinue reading “New Theme Shawburn, Social Media Links Additions”