Women Appreciation Day, March 9th

Just a prenotice for you. Women Appreciation Day is on March 9th, thats 5 days from when I am writing this. I hope I am giving you enough time to prepare whatever it is you desire to do. The Women in our world wide family are special. Share some love to them March 9th andContinue reading “Women Appreciation Day, March 9th”

Fiction Genesis Parody

We have heard that God made Eve from Adams rib. Doing so bonded Adam and Eve to be best friends and God eventually gave them the blessing of marriage. God took Adams lowest right rib to use in making Eve, to symbolize they were right for each other. Adam excitedly proclaimed bone of bones. TheyContinue reading “Fiction Genesis Parody”

Peace Yodh He Waw He Peace

Dear Yodh He Waw He I have had a rather deep belief you are a good father, a structured father, a fun father, and I noticed you enjoy the occasional well meant chaos to keep things from a situation of dull boredom. I have not been a victim of “Natural Disasters”, I thank you forContinue reading “Peace Yodh He Waw He Peace”

A Prayer Against Nightmares

Dear Oldest Parents, I suffer from nightmares, but it is not only me who has them I ask you help us through these difficulties I pray our nightmares do not become reality They are not what we want, we despise them It has been difficult to not let a nightmare ruin a perfectly good dayContinue reading “A Prayer Against Nightmares”

A Prayer For Health Care

Dear Oldest Parents, Something the corona virus situation has taught us is that health care isnt easy and it is however important Our health care supporters even in times of prosperity still work hard and even long hours in stressful jobs so that we, the partakers, can be happy and healthy They dedicate their goalsContinue reading “A Prayer For Health Care”

Update: New Social Icon In Menu “Spotify” Playlists

If you like music maybe you have peeked at our Sound Cloud social icon and gave the playlists a listen. To diversify our sharing we now have a Spotify social icon, featuring the “WLTOP Rock Party Playlist” with currently over 225 songs, from many artists, some male, some female, all awesome. Hope you like it,Continue reading “Update: New Social Icon In Menu “Spotify” Playlists”

Update: Important New Page “Suggest Improvements”

At WLTOP we are growing, and a part of that is we have a strong desire, need, and want to involve everyone in this worldwide family as much as they want, because we believe everyone deserves place in a free club about worshipping ancestors, getting blessings, and using their wisdom with thanks. A new pageContinue reading “Update: Important New Page “Suggest Improvements””

A Physics Study Suggests There Is No Complete Death

A new physics theory I read in the news recently suggests it is impossible for a life to be completely erased (also known as dead) One of the greatest gifts the Nothing everything began from gave our family was safetyTeaching not to believe in death or fear it People try to scare each other withContinue reading “A Physics Study Suggests There Is No Complete Death”

(Dinosaurs) Die (From) No Sores

The bible doesn’t mention animals and humans being separate, instead it titles them “Creations” and “Created”, why? Its meant to emphasize we are all one family and it then titles the Creator into the same family but of higher rank, being the parent of all The bible does not use the word dinosaur But itContinue reading “(Dinosaurs) Die (From) No Sores”

Dear Oldest Parents, To Learn Of Me, What You Made

Thank you for life. Thank you for the soul. Thank you for parents. Thank you for love. Short Disclaimer: This post is deep and long. I make it to outreach to friends and thought. I say it goodly and with freedom to religion, as it is in my emotion, very religious. I had a interestingContinue reading “Dear Oldest Parents, To Learn Of Me, What You Made”